Should Presentation Training Be a Part of Soft Skills Training Programs?

The presentation skills training program is a key component of Soft Skills Training and Development for any working professional. It is designed to help professionals achieve significant career growth by leaving a memorable impression with their audiences consistently. The focus of this program is on two aspects – how to create an impressive presentation and how to present this information powerfully.

Why Presentation Training?

There are numerous reasons, but the following two reasons are the most critical:

  • Flawless presentation skills are the key to a career graph poised for constant upward growth, and
  • As a presenter, you don’t just need to present facts and figures, you also need to be engaging, vibrant and capture your audience’s attention.

Clarity of diction and non-verbal skills are just as important as the grades you graduate with. While you might not like the idea of standing up in front of a crowd, as a professional, you’ll need to, sooner or later.

The idea is to project a confident and effervescent personality with the ability to connect with people at large. But it’s not a skill always inherent in people. It requires a blend of leadership skills and a conscious focus on progressing beyond limiting mindsets. This is the precise reason why most B-schools hire services of soft skill training companies to train their graduates.

The Need for Soft Skills Development

Very often, we see that unhealthy mindsets with a penchant for negative thinking have a direct bearing on a slew of life conditions, including job performance. However, what also gets in the way of success is a lack of awareness of our own reactions and learned behavior.

Let’s look at a simple question to which many don’t know the answer. The question is, “How is pop corn made?” The answer – in every kernel of corn there is a drop of water. When heat is applied to the corn, the water inside the corn starts to increase in temperature and vaporizes and expands in space. This causes the corn to burst open, thus forming popcorn. When we apply the same concept with regards to our mindsets when under pressure, what emerges is indicative of the mindsets that we nurse on the inside of us. The ability to handle challenges calmly and constructively cannot be developed if we harbor negative and limiting mindsets. The behaviors, which are a result of our mindsets, are what we call as soft skills. Hence working on specific types of soft skills has a direct impact on our mindset. For example, when you are conducting a presentation, the manifesting behavior of confidence or nervousness is what is referred to as ‘soft skills’ and our existing mindsets cause this behavior.

Most Soft Skills Training Programs focus on techniques that enable the participants to create empowering mindsets that help them to present with confidence and charisma as the Indian education system does not provide too many opportunities for public speaking in the curriculum.

Using Remote Desktop Access to Make Remote Presentations

Whenever many small business owners hear about the possibility of making remote presentations, they tend to view it as something that is good, but which is beyond their means. You can’t blame them. They are mostly just being realistic, by way of appreciating the considerable cost that would go into the purchase of the equipment through which the remote presentations can be made. True, they can see the considerable cost savings they stand to make through such remote presentations (by of things like getting to avoid travel costs). But they simply can’t see where they would get the money to purchase the hardware and software required for such remote-presentations.

It is true that in the traditional way of thinking, a huge input of capital would be required for making remote presentations. The presentations may have to be made through video conferencing technology, and the hardware required for this doesn’t come cheap. And that is to say nothing of the software and bandwidth costs, though it is the initial investment element that tends to be more bothersome.

As it turns out, though, there are cheaper ways through which remote presentations can be done. One of those, and which is pretty much something that any business can afford, is the opportunity for remote presentations available through remote desktop access tools.

No extra hardware is required to make the remote desktop access possible. The only thing you may need to put some money onto is the purchase of the software which makes the whole venture possible. And such software, as it turns out, is not expensive either. In fact, inasmuch as you can afford an operating system for your office computers, it would be something you can afford with ease.

In using remote desktop access to make remote-presentations, you simply grant the people who will be ‘attending’ your presentation rights to remotely access your computer’s desktop through the specialized software that forms the backbone of the platform. Once they are logged on, and they have access to your desktop, you simply start running the presentation on your desktop, and they see it on their respective computers, as it is them who were running it! The presentations itself could be one that you will have made using a program like PowerPoint, so it is not something you are likely to incur any extra costs on. And you can add elements such as voice to it and even animations to simulate your pointing out of various elements on a project – so that it becomes as real as possible.

That is one of the ways through which you can get to cost effectively make remote presentations – right from your computer’s desktop, using remote desktop access software. The way most of that software works is such that you can give the ‘attendees’ temporary access rights to your desktop for the duration of the presentation. These are rights you go ahead to withdraw at the end of the presentation; to prevent the risk of the attendees starting rummaging through your computer after the presentation.

So, there you have: the way to cost effectively make a remote-presentation, using remote desktop access software programs.

Affiliate Marketing:Promoting Your Own Web Presents

Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of anothers products or services. If this process is done right,it’s the ideal work at home business opportunity. The key here is to promote your own website that links to affiliate products, services and information that you will make a profit from.

Most off-line businesses are affiliate Marketers.They offer another’s products and services from a location that they own or lease. It’s no different on the web to be successful long term you must have your own piece of real estate, your own website {a themed content rich website} that will establish a internet present for you as you promote your affiliate programs.

How do you establish a internet present. By having your own domain name and”Branding” The term ‘branding’ is often bantered about the Internet and often thought to be proprietary to only those ‘big’ outfits like IPO’s and multi-national companies.

NOT TRUE! ‘Branding’ is every bit as important to small companies and individuals alike. In simple terms a ‘brand’ is something that starts becoming recognized with a product or service. On the BIG side, some ‘Brands’ are, YAHOO, Kellogg’s, Ford, IBM, etc. It’s not likely the average person taking this course will ever develop a ‘Brand’ of this magnitude of recognition, but all the same, a personal ‘Brand’ is vital to your own recognition.

For an individual Netrepreneur, placing your own photo on every page you promote can be most beneficial, add your name and a telephone number and before long people will start to: 1] recognize your face 2] develop a comfort zone around you 3] join programs and/or purchase from your webpage(s)

Sure you could spend a lot of time and money creating a ‘Brand’, but most of the great ones are gone or in the very least already on a drawing table somewhere.On the other hand, a photo of your head and shoulders is already copyrighted to you, people’s natural curiosity compels them to look at faces, and faces ALWAYS last in the mind’s eye far longer than any name or phrase.

For Affiliate Marketers, having your own theme,content rich website is important, and you should be promoting affiliate products and services that are revelent to your themed website.